No more OpenCT

I just uploaded belpic 2.6.0-4, with a few minor changes, and one major one.

The minor changes are, first, a fix to beid-register-pkcs11.html so that it tries to install, rather than just the .so file, into iceweasel; otherwise you have to install the -dev package (or manually install the library, or change the .html file) to be able to use beid in your browser. Second, there were some typo fixes of which a bugreport had been open embarrasingly long. Oops.

The major change, however, is the fact that the debian packages now no longer have support for OpenCT as an alternative to PC/SC Lite. This isn't actually supported by the belpic upstream; and while the Debian packages did include support for such cardreaders, I do have a feeling that it was causing some problems.

So why did I include it in the first place, you ask? Well, because my very own cardreader wasn't supported by PC/SC Lite. You see, when I originally packaged the eID software back in 2004, most people didn't have an eID yet, let alone a cardreader; and the fairly common ACR38U-based smartcard readers that are thrown to people's heads these days were nowhere to be found yet. So, I googled for a smartcard manufacturer, found Gemplus who claimed Linux support for (at least some of) their models, found the distributor for Belgium, and ordered a smartcardreader. It did work with Linux allright—but OpenCT, only. Only later on did I find that belpic expects PC/SC Lite.

In itself, this was no problem; the first versions of belpic (up to and including 2.3.13) did have the OpenCT and other reader drivers still compiled in, anyway; only with 2.5 and later did Zetes choose to remove them. That's when I started patching, and that's when I discovered that problems began...

So, anyway. No more mr nice guy OpenCT. I needed to do my tax declaration, and since it'd been a while since I last tried to do some belpic stuff (since before the move, actually), I discovered that I couldn't find my cardreader anymore. So, I bought me a proper ACR38U-based one, and did my tax declarations before doing the upload. How's that for testing?

In any case, if anyone beside me was using the OpenCT bits in belpic, they're now out of luck. Go get yourself an ACR38U-based reader—they're only €15ish, anyway...