Re: beid

Sometimes help is just around the corner, and all you have to do is ask.

Not so long ago, I asked for help on the support software for the Belgian electronic ID card. I'd been packaging that since it came out back in 2004, but recently I've had some issues with getting the most recent version of this software to work properly. Since Debian 6.0 "squeeze" is fairly near, and since I don't want a horribly outdated version of beid to be part of that release, I realized that something needed to happen, and rather soon.

My request got quite some response; much more than I'd expected. There have been answers from people with various amounts of experience in Debian packaging; one of the people to reply to my request was Laurent Bigonville, who's also a Debian Developer. So we've now set up a mailinglist, a git repository, and work seems to be proceeding nicely.

I've also asked for the removal of the old belpic source package. However, due to a mistake on my end, the beid source package rather than the belpic one was removed, which means that it'll have to be re-added to the archive now. That should happen sometime during the next few days, after the worst problems have been fixed. However, since I now asked for belpic to be removed, too, this means that for the time being, there is no eID software in unstable. We'll fix that in due time; stay tuned.