Ugly fonts

This week seems like ugly fonts week.

First, KDE4 was uploaded to unstable. Now I'm not a KDE user, but I do cherry-pick a few KDE applications which I find useful or interesting, and use them in my IceWM environment; these are mainly korganizer (with konsolekalendar in my .bashrc), kdebluetooth, and digikam.

First thing I noticed is that something went horribly bad with the fonts -- see this screenshot for an example of what the problem is; the korganizer window in the background has ugly artifacts, while the kbluetooth menu in the foreground is still a KDE3 window which does what I was expecting.

Second, someone thought it good to add console-setup as a dependency of Xorg 7.4. Now by itself, there's nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that console-setup by default changes the console font to something else. I had, in fact, tried out this setup a while back, but eventually (after a few weeks), decided that I did not like this font, because it's a) ugly and b) unreadable on a high-resolution 12" display.

So I changed /etc/default/console-setup to get the VGA font back, ran the console-setup initscript, and all was well.

Until my laptop was resumed from suspend-to-RAM. Apparently the console font is changed at that point in time, too, with some other configuration, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Oh well.