Google maps.

Looks like Google Maps finally reached civilization. Or is it the other way around? They still don't have high-resolution photos of my house yet, and you can't search for an address yet either; but at least I can point people that yes, that's where I live.

Oh, and TeleAtlas? You guys are dead wrong. The bit of asphalt between the Waterstraat, the Jos Craeybexlaan, Den Geer, the Oostergeest, the Bremboslei, and the middle part of the Bund isn't called 'Bund'. It's part of the parochial domain of the local parish called 'Bunt'. They're spelled differently, owing to a disagreement between the religious and city governments ages ago that you don't want to know about. But in any case, the church isn't on the Bund; the bit of asphalt doesn't have a name, and the official address of the church is "Waterstraat 16". Conveniently, the local area is called 'Bunt', too.

Oh well. I'll forgive you for that little mistake—you're not the first to get this wrong, and probably not the last, either.