FSF Hardware endorsement criteria

The FSF has published criteria under which it would endorse hardware as being 'free hardware'. My guess on the number of companies that would be interested in this policy in its current form:


My reason for that is fairly simple:

Any product-related materials that mention the FSF endorsement must not also carry endorsements or badges related to proprietary software, such as "Works with Windows" or "Made for Mac" badges, because these would give an appearance of legitimacy to those products, and may make users think the product requires them. However, we don't object to clear factual statements informing the user that the product also works with specific proprietary operating systems.

In other words, "if you're going to be using our badge to say that your hardware is free, you must not be using the official badges that show it also works with other operating systems." Or, also: "if you want to make your product more attractive to the 10% of users who prefer free solutions, you must in the process make it less attractive to the 90% of users who don't (yet)."

I don't think that's going to fly.