On Mono etc

There's again a whole slew of arguments going back and forth about mono.

Me, I don't use mono-based applications anymore. I used to be a Blam! user, until I found Liferea. I used to be an f-spot user, until I switched to digiKam. The reason, in both cases, was that the mono-based applications were much, much slower than their non-mono-based alternatives.

But I don't care either way. If people want to write an application in Mono, that's their business. If other people dislike using it, that's also their business.

What bothers me is the whole band of morons who think they have a say about the subject.

Let me spell it out: the personal dislike of a user is not, and will not ever be, a reason to keep mono in or out of a distribution. The only thing that is, is the availability of alternatives.

Or, in other words: if you dislike mono, don't whine. Instead, be constructive (like the gnote people) and provide alternatives.

If you're not willing to do that, you don't have any say in the subject. It's as simple as that.

It's funny sometimes. When Sun developed Java, it was not free software. People never complained about that; at least not very much. Eventually Java was made free software, but the rights to the Java name and what it encompasses are still firmly held by Sun. Nobody whines about that (and rightly so).

With technology coming from Microsoft, however, everything in that regard is totally different. For no particularly good reason...

Oh well.