n900 broken

Yesterday, as I was trying to charge my N900, something bad happened. I must have applied slightly too much pressure when I tried to enter the battery charger into the micro-USB port, and I heard something crack. Next thing I know, I see the micro-USB port is not where it's supposed to be anymore, and it won't charge anymore, at all.

This isn't something that's unfixable, but it's not something that's in my skillset to fix. So I'll need to send it in for repairs, or some such.

Since the battery was almost flat, and the red traffic light behind which I'd been waiting at the time switched to green, I just switched it off to save battery life, and moved on. When I got home, I tried switching it on again so that I could take a backup of the device before sending it in for repair and/or finding someone to fix it, but the battery was apparently already quite dead at the time -- I could boot it, I could start the backup application, but around the time I pushed on the 'new backup' button, the phone decided that the battery level was just too low and powered itself down. D'oh.

So, here's a silly question:

Does anyone have the necessary skills required to help me solder the micro-USB connector back on? Alternatively, does anyone have a (charged) Nokia BL-5J battery that I can borrow for a few minutes so I can create a backup and store it on the micro-sd card?

Your help is very much appreciated. Mean time, I'll be off buying a temporary replacement phone now.