Online Banking

MJ Ray blogs about online banking, and how they're all stupid. I wish I could feel his pain (sortof...), but I don't. And that isn't because I don't have an online banking account, since I do.

My bank actually thought about this stuff before implementing it. Rather than using a silly password, they have an implementation that makes use of the Digipass, a small hardware token you get as part of your contract. If it breaks or I lose it (and yes, this has happened), I go to the bank and immediately get another one, without being charged additionally for it (at least not if I don't need one digipass every other day).

Their webserver implementation involves a standard HTTPS server, and a set of webpages of which I'm not entirely sure whether they're standards-compliant, but at least they've tested it on more browsers than just IE; and since they don't require any other client-side software besides a browser, it easily works on free operating systems.

If I wanted to, I could also use a smartcard reader and my regular debit card -- but I don't have to. That's the good part about it.

The only downside about Fortis is that they're not the cheapest. But that's okay—I don't mind paying for quality.