As I blogged before, I've been working on a Planet Venus replacement. This is necessary, because Planet Venus, unfortunately, has not been maintained for a long time, and is a Python 2 (only) application which has never been updated to Python 3.

Python not being my language of choice, and my having plans to do far more than just the "render RSS streams" functionality that Planet Venus does, meant that I preferred to write "something else" (in Perl) rather than updating Planet Venus to modern Python.

Planet Grep has been running PtLink for over a year now, and my plan had been to update the code so that Planet Debian could run it too, but that has been taking a bit longer.

This month, I have finally been able to work on this, however. This screenshot shows two versions of Planet Debian:

The rendering on the left is by Planet Venus, the one on the right is by PtLink.

It's not quite ready yet, but getting there.

Stay tuned.