Why I don't want an iSomething, part II

Bjorn mentions that he doesn't want the nokia internet tablet, because it doesn't have a phone and he doesn't want to carry two devices with him.

portable media player

Bottom left, my portable media player. 4G solid-state storage, plays movies (the display shows a scene from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that I converted from DVD), audio, FM radio, and after a firmware update can do games and some random applications. Does bluetooth. Does not do phone calls.

Upper right, my cell phone. A simple Nokia 6021. Does bluetooth, makes phone calls, and (as the display somewhat shows) can do calendaring, too. With SyncML, I can synchronize it with my laptop.

Together, they perform anything I'd possibly want from a smartphone (and don't anyone tell me 'SSH', because doing ssh on any screen smaller than, 7" and without decent keyboard is laughable).

Together, they're smaller and weigh less than a smartphone.

Together, they're less expensive than a smartphone (€125 for the phone, €85 for the portable media player).

Why does anyone buy a smartphone?