Film: I am legend

On New year's eve, I went to some local movie theatre, and watched the above movie.

Must say I'm impressed. Been a while since any movie managed to get me hooked like this. I just love the way in which the backstory is communicated to the audience through little clues and flashbacks that are given throughout the movie. This certainly makes for an interesting way of discovering what the hell is exactly going on here. Add to that a premise that is sure to raise some interest (New York abandoned? Quite some special effect), and you get a very entertaining night out.

But credit where credit is due: Will Smith's performance was outstanding. He's done a marvellous job in portraying a real human being: not a superhuman, but a person who's had the luck not to be affected by this horrible disease, and who's now slowly turning insane because of his lack of contact with other human beings.

Really nice movie.