Debconf9 by train

With Debconf9 being on the european mainland this year, a plane flight isn't necessary. Since flying in cattle class isn't my idea of 'fun', I had been planning to take the train to Caceres this year.

So, with the public announcement of debconf registration being open, I thought I'd look at train options. Short version: I think I'll be going to the train station and ask them there, rather than looking something up on the NMBS website.

Long version:

Mechelen -> Brussels North2009-07-1307:0207:18IR 3128
Brussels North ->Köln Hbf2009-07-1307:2709:15ICE 11
Köln Hbf ->Mannheim Hbf2009-07-1309:5411:24ICE 515
Mannheim Hbf ->Basel SBB2009-07-1311:3613:47ICE 375
Basel SBB ->Arth-Goldau2009-07-1314:0315:45IR 2177
Arth-Goldau -> Milano Centrale2009-07-1315:5018:50CIS 21
Milano Centrale ->Barcelone Estacion de Franca2009-07-13/1419:4009:43EN 11274
Barcelona Estacion de Franca -> Barcelona Sants2009-07-1409:4310:28Transfer
Barcelona Sants -> Madrid-Puerta de Atocha2009-07-1412:0015:23AVE 3122
Madrid-Puerta de Atocha2009-07-1416:4020:02TLG 194

And that's after asking to arrive 'around' noon on the 15th. Although I'd love to combine ICE ('Intercity Express', German high-speed trains), CIS ('Cisalpino', Italian high-speed trains), EN ('EuroNight', pretty much what the name says), and AVE ('Alta Velocidad España', Spanish high-speed trains) in a single trip, I think I'll pass for this particular suggestion. And that's ignoring the fact that 5 minutes for a transfer in Arth-Goldau (a place I've never heard of before, let alone been in that train station) is rather tight, and that I don't know whether I'll be able to make it in 45 minutes from one train station to another in Barcelona without actually knowing the city.

More soon.