Train hacking

Yesterday evening, as I took the train home from work (during peak hours, for a change), someone (by the books he was carrying and the clothing he was wearing, obviously a student) came to sit next to me. I was hacking on NBD at that time, trying to add config file support (the first item in the roadmap for 2.9; more on that probably "soon"). As he moves to sit down, I notice the cover of one of his books. Which is that of the best computer-related book ever. No, really. I have the third edition of that book, really need to buy the fourth some day.

Anyway. As I see that cover, I ask that guy whether it's the fourth, and make a remark about how truly good the book is. To which he answers with "yeah, and that's a truly good laptop, too".

Turns out he actually meant the operating system, rather than the hardware (which I thought at first). Well, I didn't see that one coming :-)