ColdFire arrived!

The coldfire development kit of which I made mention in a somewhat recent -devel-announce post has arrived about a week ago. Mine was the last one to arrive; the other four have already arrived. It took a while, because mine apparently got lost in shipping, so they had to ship me a second one. That, and the fact that I said I'd ask around in my neighbourhood whether it'd been delivered at the wrong address (but then eventually forgot to tell the Freescale folks that I had done so and that, no, it wasn't) meant it took a bit over two months to arrive here.

But it finally has. Whee!

The box contains a number of things I do not and will not likely ever need (the CodeWarrior Development Studio, for example, or power cables for other places of the world, like the US, the UK, and Japan), but, well—that's not important. It also contains some things that are interesting, such as a serial cable—even if I already have a few of those.

The box contents also smells funny. Oh well.

In the mean time, however, I've come across a bit of a problem: I can't seem to boot the thing. Well—I can, except it seems to be mangling the serial output it's sending for some reason. I can see that some output is being sent to the serial console, but it's not readable. And I can also see that it doesn't find it's root file system—I'm doing NFS root currently, and there's no network activity.

Not sure what the problem is, though.

Update: someone suggested that it is the baud rate. Yes, obviously it's something like that; however, I did try every baud rate between 9600 and 115200, but none of them worked. Besides, I have my command line say "console=ttyS0,19200n8", and it's still not working. I suspect a driver problem at this point...